Game Of Lane Disproving The Existence Of God

While it is not accessible to in actuality prove that God (or any added celestial for that bulk of which there are bags postulated) does not exist, any added than it is accessible to in actuality prove that orbiting teapots, pixies, extraterrestrials, demons and ghosts don’t exist, the complete actuality of God can be apparent to be so absurd as to be ‘proof’ aloft a reasonable doubt.In a agitation (available on YouTube) amid theist William Lane Craig and agnostic Christopher Hitchens which was on the accountable of whether or not God in actuality exists, William lane Craig gave his arguments for why God exists while Christopher Hitchens in the capital just attacked the complete abstraction of religions (especially Christianity) and gave abundant examples of religions and religious True Believers accomplishing abhorrent things in the name of religion. Perhaps this wasn’t hasty back Christopher Hitchens’s book was blue-blooded “God Is Not Great:” (not God does not exist) with the explanation of “How Adoration Poisons Everything”. Anyway, William Lane Craig accurately IMHO declared Christopher Hitchens out on not actually anon acclamation the complete affair of the agitation – the actuality of God question. Back Christopher Hitchens isn’t any best with us, I’ll yield up the William Lane Craig claiming and avert the God does not abide agnostic position. I’m aswell cartoon on actuality accession (this time a panel) agitation (also on YouTube) which featured both William Lane Craig and Christopher Hitchens as console associates back some accession accordant credibility were fabricated that I charge to address.While it is not accessible to in actuality prove that God (or any added celestial for that bulk of which there are bags postulated) does not exist, any added than it is accessible to in actuality prove that orbiting teapots, pixies, extraterrestrials, demons and ghosts don’t exist, the complete actuality of God can be apparent to be so absurd as to be ‘proof’ aloft a reasonable doubt.Ways or how to prove that something doesn’t exist.1) If you attending in the area area the declared article is declared to be, but isn’t – there’s no bread beneath your bed if you attending for a coin; the declared 17 of Leaves isn’t to be begin in a accepted accouter of 52 cards – again you accept accepted that there is no bread beneath your bed and no 17 of Leaves in your accouter of cards.2) If the declared article has a 100% anticipation aspect and the anticipation fails, again the article didn’t exist. A launched North Korean guided missile will be detected on radar. Alarm detects no guided missile basic from North Korea. Accordingly no North Korean guided missile is in flight. The anticipation alone works if the article in catechism exists.

3) If the declared article has mutually complete properties, adverse backdrop – affiliated bachelors; aboveboard circles; what is the complete of one duke clapping; aggregate is not identical to itself; you can’t be bisected pregnant; and admitting what breakthrough physics would accept you believe, something actual cannot circuit in absolutely adverse admonition at the aforementioned time and a cat cannot be both animate and asleep at the aforementioned time as Erwin Schrodinger has acicular out in his breakthrough cat absurdity – again you accept accurate that affiliated bachelors, aboveboard circles, dead-alive cats, etc. don’t exist.Closely accompanying to the abstraction of contradictions is the abstraction of inconsistencies. If accession abstraction like God, is chock-o-block abounding of inconsistencies – and there are apparently added inconsistencies with God than with complete contradictions – again there is something aberrant somewhere.So a abnegation of the actuality of God would a lot of acceptable be apparent by examinations aural abnegation #3 additional inconsistencies. So, these are some of God’s adverse / inconsistent traits.Arguments Adjoin God’s Existence:* Let’s just yield one a lot of accessible bucking / aberration for starters. God says thou shall not kill. Yet God kills left, appropriate and centermost – with adventuresome carelessness – a bucking or at atomic an aberration if anytime there was one. And if God is one of those entities whose aesthetics is do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do again God is a dick!* God cannot be around-the-clock nor abide in a around-the-clock state. To beforehand contrarily agency that God cannot change and cannot move back time is change and change is motion. Actuality in a around-the-clock accompaniment is affiliated to getting in prison, admitting a captive has added degrees of abandon in bastille that God has complete in a around-the-clock state.* God cannot abide alfresco of space: Annihilation that has actuality and anatomy has a abuttals and there has to be an alfresco that abuttals in adjustment for the abstraction of a abuttals to achieve sense. If God has actuality and anatomy God exists in space. If God is immaterial again He can accept no aftereffect on the actual and appropriately God is powerless. The immaterial does not lie aural the branch of concrete absoluteness accordingly God does not lie aural the branch of concrete reality.* God is not a complete God. Many say that God has no flaws afar of beforehand from accepting a actual bad temper, and smiting the innocent and getting a anxious God by His own admission. So maybe God’s not so complete afterwards all.* God is not omnibenevolent – God’s declared omni-benevolence is contradicted by the Bible (Old Testament). Further to that point, apparently the a lot of common altercation adjoin God is the altercation from evil. Simply put, an omnibenevolent God allows accustomed but angry things to appear to plants, animals and of beforehand to humans. Humans, including babies, die because of drought, hurricanes, and added accustomed evils. An omnibenevolent (all-loving) God who is almighty and all-seeing shouldn’t acquiesce angry things to appear to His conception through no accountability of their own.* God is not all-loving – an all-loving God is contradicted by the Bible (Old Testament).* God is not a just God – a God of amends is contradicted by the Bible (Old Testament).* God is not a merciful God – a merciful God is contradicted by the Bible (Old Testament).* God is not a moral God – God’s declared complete chastity is absolutely contradicted by the Bible (Old Testament).* God is not all-knowing (omniscient) – an all-seeing God is aswell contradicted by the Bible (Old Testament). I beggarly He had to ask Adam and Eve questions and He had to apperceive in beforehand what Abraham would do if asked to annihilate his son so there was little point in the exercise. But God can’t actually be all-knowing contrarily He would apperceive the exact accompaniment (velocity, position, etc.) of anniversary and every elementary atom in the complete Universe. That’s a appealing big ask, even for a God. Of beforehand maybe the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle doesn’t administer to God.* God can’t apperceive the future. It makes no faculty to plan and achieve annihilation if you already apperceive in beforehand what’s traveling to happen. Appropriately it’s adverse for God to be a architect God if you already apperceive how your conception is traveling to about-face out. There’s no point in starting a chess bold if you already apperceive in beforehand every move and the outcome. Further, God cannot apperceive the approaching if animal chargeless will and/or breakthrough indeterminacy aphorism the catholic roost.* God cannot accept omnipresence. If God has anatomy and actuality again God cannot be everywhere at once. In actuality the Bible contradicts God’s declared attendance advertence God to getting in just one abode at one specific time.* God cannot be almighty – all-powerful. There are several curve of affirmation here. One is abstract in that God could not actualize a bedrock so massive that God could not lift it up. If He cannot lift it, God’s not all-powerful. If he can lift it God’s not complete back He didn’t actualize a massive abundant rock. Further, there’s the botheration of why God bare to blow on the Seventh Day of creation. Speaking of creation, a actually complete God could accept created life, the Universe and aggregate in just 6 nanoseconds, or even less. God is even defeated in the Bible by adamant chariots! If God were actually complete (and all-knowing) He could (and should) accept been way, way added exact in His targeting of what bodies to abuse / agonize / kill, but no. God just prefers to use a sledgehammer to able a walnut. That’s God’s adopted option. Again we accept the abstraction of miracles. If God is complete (and all-knowing) again there is no charge for miracles. It’s advised a phenomenon if anyone survives a complete hit by a tornado or if their ‘terminal’ blight goes into complete remission. But if God is almighty and all-seeing again He could accept ensured that there was no tornado or that it steered able-bodied bright of the ‘victim’ and could ensure there was no developing and terminal blight in the aboriginal place. Problems apparent after the charge for miracles. Finally, not even God can actualize an complete something from a accompaniment of complete nothingness.

Related to miracles is the abstraction of prayer. No agnosticism the tornado and blight victims prayed for their lives. Now we generally apprehend about God’s will or God’s plan. But if God has a plan again adoration is abortive because God isn’t traveling to change His (all-knowing in advance) plan just for little old you. If your adoration is in band with God’s plan again your adoration is ashen energy. If your adoration is not in band with God’s plan again your adoration is a decay of time.* God the creator? If the Universe was acquired by something that in and of itself was uncaused (i.e. – God), again that uncaused something (God) existed after any alpha appropriately God even existed an absolute bulk of time ago. Therefore, the something (God) could never accept accustomed at “now” – “now” getting in this case what we would appellation 13.8 billion years ago, but 13.8 billion years ago that was “now” – in adjustment to do His act of creation. At atomic that’s according to one estimation of the after-effects of accepting an absolute past.God is not the creator: As acclaimed above, God can’t be the architect back it’s absurd to actualize something from nothing. From nothing, annihilation comes. Alone from something does something come. Something and annihilation are adverse terms. Something cannot be annihilation and annihilation cannot be something. Something and annihilation are arctic opposites.* Lastly, theists ability affirmation that absence of affirmation (for God) is not the aforementioned as affirmation of absence. But the adverse to that is if there should be evidence, massive and massive amounts of evidence. And in the case for God’s existence, there’s not. So one needs to sit up and yield apprehension of that and ask the boxy questions.